Enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and standardization with Imprivata Identity Governance

Key facts

Industry: Healthcare

EHR: Epic

Employees: 14,700

Beds: 1,900


  • Disruptions in workflow due to time-consuming manual provisioning process
  • Complicated auditing and reporting
  • Risk of exposure due to gaps in tracking and monitoring employee access


  • Implemented automated provisioning process resulting in time savings 
  • Created efficient onboarding process for new employees with fast turnaround for transfers and terminations
  • Transformed periodic access review processes, leading to greater compliance and audit-readiness

Memorial Healthcare System, an 1,900-bed health system located in Hollywood, Florida, is one of the largest public healthcare systems in the U.S. Memorial believes in providing safe, quality, cost-effective, patient- and family-centered care to improve the health of the community it serves. 

From an identity governance perspective, Memorial manages more than 24,000 accounts. With a small access team – at one point consisting of one manager, two system admins, and four system analysts – provisioning manually was becoming infeasible. IT leadership recognized the need to move from a manual provisioning process to an automated process that would streamline the workflow. The team at Memorial believed that implementing the right technology would greatly improve efficiency for their clinicians and physicians.

“A few years ago, we had a manual provisioning process where we had to manually create every account for our employees and vendors. So, we realized we needed to partner with a vendor to create an automated process that would make our provisioning process more efficient and standardized,” said Ana Agostini, Administrative Director of IT Services at Memorial Healthcare System. 

The Memorial team wanted a provisioning solution that would:

  • Automate their provisioning processes and streamline workflows
  • Act as a centralized provisioning source

  • Work as an integrated platform with single sign-on (SSO) for comprehensive identity and access management

“It’s part of our mission to be secure and safe, to ensure that we are able to keep track of that in a very systematic way. And what better way to do that then leveraging technology rather than using manual processes,” said Oscar Perez, Vice President of IT at Memorial Healthcare System. 

With these considerations in mind, Memorial began searching for a solution that covered all of their needs. 

Turning to Imprivata Identity Governance

After a selection process, Memorial chose Imprivata Identity Governance™, an end-to-end solution with precise role-based access controls, automated provisioning and de-provisioning, streamlined auditing processes, and analytics that enable faster threat evaluation and remediation. 

“I think we are achieving success in the sense that we are making this totally seamless, totally transparent, and automatic for our physicians and our clinicians,” confirmed Dr. Dawn-Marie Rogers, Chief Medical Information Officer at Memorial. 

With Imprivata Identity Governance, Memorial can create a complete account for a new user, enabling this user with the correct level of access to applications for their designated role, providing Day 1 access so users can be productive immediately. The automation, in turn, simplifies the provisioning process, eliminating the time IT would take to manually administer access to certain applications. In addition to the onboarding process, transfers and terminations are processed automatically after approval from Human Resources. Imprivata Identity Governance saves analysts hours of work so they can focus their time and efforts elsewhere. 

“The amount of time that we’re saving creating accounts is priceless,” said Agostini. 

Automating periodic access review (PAR) for line managers

The team at Memorial realized that working in a manual fashion with Excel spreadsheets was time-consuming, inefficient, and error-prone. With patient safety being of prime importance, Memorial wanted to ensure patient information was safe when accounts were terminated at the hospital. The periodic access review process allows Memorial to monitor access for employees and maintain security. 

“We have issued periodic access reviews every quarter. It’s very easy to use and we get 100% compliance every time – and we’re talking about sending it to over 700 plus leaders throughout the organization. For them to validate the access that their employees have, for the right applications and in very short time, it’s sound governance,” said Perez. 

Integrated IAM solution 

Memorial uses multiple solutions from Imprivata including Imprivata Identity Governance and Imprivata OneSign®. By combining automated identity management with enterprise single sign-on and authentication management, Memorial has:

  • Reduced IT costs and help desk calls
  • Increased data security and auditing processes

  • Shifted clinician focus to providing high-quality care, instead of having to figure out or overcome frustrations with technology


With Imprivata Identity Governance, Memorial has seen drastic time savings in creating user accounts. The standardized provisioning environment has also offered Memorial a compliant platform for auditing and reports that meets the industry’s best practices. The Memorial team feels confident they are improving patient outcomes while providing the best technology platform for their clinicians and patients. 

“Imprivata Identity Governance has made our user experience seamless when it comes to access to accounts,” said Agostini.