Key benefits

  • Very fast login increases ease of use and security
  • Offers graphics with good performance
  • Improves patient safety and privacy
  • Ensures flexible deployment of hardware and applications
  • Supports NEN 7510

Citrix Products

  • Citrix XenDesktop
  • Citrix NetScaler Gateway VPX

Secure roaming desktops at top speed

The Havenziekenhuis (Harbor Hospital) and Institute for Tropical Diseases BV is a haven for global citizens, residents from Rotterdam, sailors and skippers. It is an accessible hospital with good medical care and personal attention in a welcoming environment. The Havenziekenhuis was founded in 1927 and is specialized in tropical medicine, travelers diseases and care for the elderly people. The Havenziekenhuis is an independent subsidiary of the Erasmus MC and has 260 beds and over 500 employees and specialists (in FTE).

The challenge: fast desktop roaming

The healthcare sector manages and exchanges a lot of medical and patient-related data. “One of the guidelines of the NEN 7510 policy that the hospital wanted to meet, states that any specialist and care co-worker should work using its own name and personal password. In the old situation logging in and starting applications took approximately one and a half minute. That's not bad in a PC environment where multiple authentication methods are used,” said Ewald Wijnen, system administrator at the Havenziekenhuis. “But if doctors run clinics over several rooms, it takes valuable time to logoff and login again, so we started looking for a solution to speed up this process.”

The solution: Citrix XenDesktop

The Havenziekenhuis has been using XenServer to virtualize servers for some time. For XenDesktop, the organization again selected IT Oost Nederland, a Platinum Citrix Solution Advisor and the highest certified partner in desktop virtualization in the region. “We already had done extensive research, compiled a list of requirements and we already selected the desktop virtualization solution based on Citrix XenDesktop. IT Oost Nederland has taken the project lead and supported us very well,” continued Wijnen. The hospital now continuously has more than 100 sessions on Citrix XenDesktop, running on six dual-core HP servers with 128GB memory each. Combined with the HP SAN experience, the Havenziekenhuis experiences excellent performance.

Key benefit: one uniform PC for everybody

The PCs on the desk run Windows 7 and have minimal on-board software: Citrix Receiver, Flash, some codecs for scopes and the Imprivata OneSign agent. The medication carts to deliver medications at the bedside of the patient's, the Computers On Wheels (COWS), work with the exact the same Citrix XenDesktop and Imprivata infrastructure. All PCs are easy to manage because the central virtualized PC is basically identical for each care employee. Wijnen: “All virtual PCs use an image that is deployed with Provisioning Services - a component of Citrix XenDesktop. The applications are included within that image. We manage the personal settings with Novell ZENworks 11. This way, the management of the desktops is greatly simplified.”

Key benefit: very fast login times improves patient safety and privacy

The whole project is driven to increase ease of access to applications for the medical staff. Internal and external specialists and nurses should be able to login easy, fast and safe. The combination of Citrix XenDesktop, card readers from OMNIKEY with Imprivata OneSign cards reduce login times to a maximum of 7 to 10 seconds. “This result is truly astounding and ten times faster than the already reasonable login times we had before,” Wijnen added. “The doctors and nursing staff are positive and sometimes even do not grasp how this technology can work this well. Logging in and out is a matter of tapping the card to the reader. Specialists are mobile workers who go from one to another outpatient clinic, login quickly at any location and exactly see the data of a patient they treat. Privacy is ensured and the data is secure because there can logoff when they leave a location.”

Key benefit: workshifting inside and outside the hospital

The Havenziekenhuis installed a NetScaler Gateway VPX virtual appliance in the DMZ to enable specialists easy and secure access to the virtual desktops from locations outside the hospital. As an extra security measure, a two-way authentication solution with SafeNet SMS tokens is added, so physicians can authenticate through a token received by SMS. “Specialists who are on call at home, now can view videos and photos from that location together with the physician assistant at the hospital. Thanks to the Citrix HDX protocol this even works fine across Internet connections,” said Wijnen. “Physicians use Apple Macs quite a lot and the virtual desktop can also be used from that platform from home. The hardware and software environment becomes flexible by the decoupling of the physical device, and the desktop travels along with the doctor or nurse. With XenDesktop, IT no longer thinks in numbers of workplaces but in numbers of people.”

Over Citrix

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