Improving patient safety and streamlining registration workflows with Imprivata PatientSecure

Key facts

Industry: Healthcare
Location: Anderson, Indiana
Beds: 321
EHR: Meditech


  • Ensure, consistent positive patient identification at the point of registration
  • Improve patient safety and confidence in the care process
  • Reduce the occurrence of duplicate medical records, identity theft, and fraud


  • Realized high patient and provider adoption of a positive patient identification solution
  • Streamlined patient registration workflows
  • Improved patient safety and confidence 
  • Reduced duplicate medical records and fraud

Community Hospital Anderson, located in Anderson, Indiana, is a 207-bed facility. The hospital is affiliated with a Community Health Network and serves approximately 7,000 inpatients and 200,000 outpatients every year.

The challenge

Community Hospital Anderson’s vision is to deliver an exceptional experience to every person involved in the care process, achieving that goal requires that every patient receives the correct care at all times.

A positive care experience begins with patient identification as the foundation for patient safety and quality of care delivery. The team at Community Hospital Anderson was looking to expand patient identification capabilities to help combat potential patient misidentification.

“We can scan a patient’s armband and we can scan a patient’s medication to make sure that we are providing the proper care to the correct patient at all times,” says Beth Tharp, President and CEO at Community Hospital Anderson. “But it is not effective if they’ve been incorrectly registered in the first place. So patient identification really is at the foundation of everything we do.”

Community Hospital Anderson, like many other health systems and hospitals, was acutely aware of the costs that patient misidentification can bring to an organization and its patients.

Patient confidence and safety

The costs of patient misidentification can include more than just financial implications. At Community Hospital Anderson, providing a stellar patient experience included ensuring patient safety and patient confidence.

“When people start doubting their bill, or whether we registered them correctly – which is seen as a simple process to a patient – they wonder ‘how in the world is my complex surgery or lab test going to be done properly’ if we can’t get the basic things correct,” says Terri Rinker, Director of Revenue Cycle at Community Hospital Anderson.

Duplicate medical records and clean-up 

Patient misidentification can frequently result in duplicate and/or incomplete medical records. These duplicate records can negatively affect patient safety and can take hours of staff time to cleanse.

Identity theft and fraud

Identity theft and fraud, common types of misidentification, can result in costly denied claims. When patients are correctly identified with accurate information, instances of fraud and identity theft can decrease, improving patient safety and a hospital’s bottom line. 

The solution

The team at Community Hospital Anderson knew that they wanted to keep their patients safe, while at the same time reducing duplicate medical records, reducing denied claims, and protecting against identity theft and fraud. 

“We saw positive patient identification as a must-have solution for our environment. We felt passionately about it, not just for the quality and confidence reasons, but also for combatting the cost of misidentification, duplicate medical records, and identity theft,” says John Harris, Chief Financial Officer at Community Hospital Anderson.

To meet those needs, the team at Community Hospital Anderson chose to implement Imprivata PatientSecure® to help improve patient safety and financial outcomes through biometric patient identification.

While the solution itself offered numerous benefits to staff and patients at Community Hospital Anderson, it’s seamless integration with pre-existing technology also helped sell it as a “must-have.”

“The thing that we liked about Imprivata PatientSecure is how well it could integrate with our system. Some of the other solutions we looked at would require us to log out of our home system and into another system, which slows processes down and reduces staff satisfaction,” says Rinker. 

Imprivata PatientSecure has proven to increase satisfaction at Community Hospital Anderson – for both patients and care providers.

Implementation and adoption

Once Imprivata PatientSecure was selected, the Imprivata professional services team, working with Forward Advantage, put together an implementation plan that included demos and onsite visits to ensure a seamless deployment. The staff at Community Health Anderson understood the value of the solution and were confident that they could speak to its benefits if prompted by patients. 

Specifically, registrars understood that being able to positively identify patients would prevent potential downstream errors and would streamline the registration process for both the staff and for the patients. 

“Before implementing Imprivata PatientSecure, our registration process was frustrating for patients. They would come in and want to get their test or procedure done; asking them repetitive questions about date of birth and phone number and address caused added frustration,” says Kenzie Denny, who works in Patient Access at Community Hospital Anderson.

But staff weren’t the only ones who were quick to adopt the solution – patients, and prospective patients, were as well. In fact, people would come in just to register in the system even without an appointment.

“We were very surprised that the public would just come in when they heard about Imprivata PatientSecure just to register, which is really great because when they come for care it will make life that much simpler for them,” says Tharp.

With both provider and patient adoption of Imprivata PatientSecure so high, Community Health Anderson has been able to capitalize on the benefits offered by the solution.

Seeing the results

With Imprivata PatientSecure, Community Health Anderson has been able to adhere to their mission of delivering an exceptional experience to everyone involved in the care process – patients and care providers alike.

Imprivata PatientSecure has helped Community Health Anderson meet their goals in implementing a positive patient identification solution to:

  • Improve patient confidence and safety
  • Reduce duplicate medical records
  • Combat against identity theft and fraud

The solution has also been able assist when patients come in unconscious or are otherwise unable to identify themselves. For trauma patients, specifically in the ER, Imprivata PatientSecure can help to ensure that care providers have as much information as possible so that they can deliver informed, appropriate, and expedient care.

“As a nurse by background, I have seen firsthand what happens when a patient comes in and they’re unconscious. You have no history, you don’t know their allergies, you don’t know what medication they’ve been on. Now, the ability to scan their palm and retrieve their medical record in a situation where a patient is unconscious will make a huge difference in the care we are able to provide,” says Tharp.

The entire team at Community Hospital Anderson describes Imprivata PatientSecure as a “must-have” to help financial costs, reduction in staff time, and care quality. But, ultimately, ensuring patient safety was always the true goal.

“I think that patients appreciate that we cared enough for them and not just about ourselves. It’s all about our patients – really,” says Harris. “So, I think that our ability to positively identify patients imbues their confidence in us – and confidence in healthcare – which is important, now more than ever.”