Verity Credit Union streamlines application access, reduces helpdesk costs and improves customer service


  • Member-owned since 1933
  • $390 million in assets
  • 6 branches serving 25,650


Credit Union




  • User lockouts and decreased productivity
  • User frustration
  • Overburdened helpdesk members


  • Increased user productivity
  • Improved member services
  • Decreased helpdesk calls and costs

With comprehensive financial products and services, exceptional lending rates and advanced systems for automated and online financial management, Verity Credit Union has $390 million in assets and 25,650 members. Member owned since 1933, Verity is committed to providing a full range of cost-effective products and services to members who live and work in the state of Washington. Verity has six full-service branches, 115 staff members, and six IT staff members. 

The business challenge

Committed to continually enhancing the security of its members’ information, the credit union requires all employees to remember complicated passwords to access several applications. “Unfortunately, the number and complexity of passwords led to slow long-on times or calls to the helpdesk for password resets. This negatively impacted productivity, our ability to serve members, and our helpdesk costs,” explained Jon Wu, System Engineer for Verity Credit Union. The IT team wanted to make it easier for employees to access the applications required to do their jobs, while reducing helpdesk ticket volume.

The Imprivata OneSign solution

Based on references and recommendations from vendors, along with its own research, Verity narrowed its choices down to three single sign-on solutions. As one of the first credit unions to have a website and to offer internet banking and online bill paying, Verity is committed to using state-of-the-art technologies to support its security requirements. “Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign-On (SSO) is far and above the best choice due to its leading-edge capabilities,” says Wu.

The results

By eliminating the need to remember multiple complex passwords, Imprivata OneSign SSO provided the security and level of ease the credit union sought. Verity needed no extension to Active Directory to enable SSO, and the solution’s Application Profile Generator™ made it easy to add any type of application. In addition, the solution’s failover feature ensured that the credit union’s data would always be backed up and available – no matter what.

Imprivata OneSign was implemented in only one day. “Prior planning and development resulted in a very efficient rollout,” explains Wu. In addition, close collaboration between the compliance department and IT team ensured a solution that provided strong authentication and satisfied all security policy requirements and credit union regulations.

Today, all of Verity’s employees use Imprivata OneSign SSO to easily and securely access applications such as payroll, CRM and issue management. The result is higher productivity and user satisfaction—and a reduction of 25% in calls to the helpdesk for a savings of $7,200 per year. 

“Without the need for our users to remember an extensive list of passwords, SSO has allowed us to focus on more important matters such as the financial needs of our members, who have been impressed with the faster transaction response from our Member Services department. In fact, our employees tell us that SSO is one of the best solutions we’ve implemented and they are eager to use it for accessing other applications, including those used for accounting and mortgage suites,” concludes Wu.