Healthcare Seamless SSO

Enable seamless single sign-on for healthcare

Extend Imprivata OneSign to Microsoft Azure

Seamless SSO is healthcare’s trusted choice for fast, secure badge-tap access into Office365, Teams and thousands of cloud applications. Together Imprivata and Microsoft, deliver enterprise single sign-on that leverages a user’s identity on fixed and mobile shared workstations to deliver a nearly password-free experience when accessing the Microsoft 365 Suite and 3,000+ Microsoft’s Azure-Active Directory Marketplace applications. Using single sign-on workflows, users can access all the applications they need to do their job — including web applications — from within the hospital or while remote. And for the first time they can do so on devices at the point of patient care including shared desktops, shared mobile devices and Surface tablets.

Imprivata and Microsoft’s joint solutions are purpose-built for healthcare organizations with hybrid environments. All healthcare users can now benefit from a seamless, secure single sign-on experience for on-premises and web applications, on any device — including traditional and virtual endpoints, shared workstations, and shared mobile devices — from anywhere.